“Had an absolute blast designing ‘Bee Harmony’ …. One of the best workshops on ANY topic I have ever attended. Highly recommended.”
— Dr Sam Illingworth, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

“Solid, fun, insightful – but most of all practical. Learn how to design, make a game, and test it twice. Somehow this all fits into a magical 3-hour session, supervised by a friendly board game professional. Got Game? Make Game.”
— Cameron Lam, Australia

“We took this class in 2017 at Gen Con. It is terrific. Learned a ton and came out of it with a working prototype.”
Dastardly Design Co., creators of the Out of Line games

“If you’re looking for a crash course in gamification and games design then look no further! James Wallis ran a highly engaging and informative full-day workshop at our offices which gave us a better understanding of games thinking – as well as sparking ideas as to how we can apply it. James’s sense of humour, passion and experience along with a combination of presentations and hands-on group tasks made the day a real success.”
— Daniel Tralman, Northstar Research Partners, London

“NextGen has worked with James to deliver a ‘Get Started in Games Design’ programme for the Princes Trust for over two years.  The Games Design Masterclass is a brilliant way to introduce the programme to young people.  It introduces all the fundamental principles of game design, it is engaging, clear, practical and huge fun.  I would recommend it for anyone who wants to get started in game design or improve team-building and communication skills.”
— Marcia Deakin, Games Partnership Director, NextGen Skills Academy, London